Yo exists on October 20, 2019, 1 year and that must be celebrated! That is why Yo is giving a big party on Saturday 19 October. And not just a party for invitees only, but a party for everyone. For 1 day, Yo turns the store into a Vintage Store Special! Everyone from small, large, young and old are welcome this day to enjoy shopping for a completely new wardrobe. If you have too much (winter) clothing, shoes, bags that you no longer wear and that can still be used for a second round and that are in perfect condition and fashionable, then it is now worth the money. Hand in your clothes, bags and shoes and you will receive € 0.50 per kilo for it. That way you also earn something from it. And a full garbage bag is easily worth € 10.00. All your clothes will be sold on Saturday 19 October and will therefore have a nice second life.

The return days are:

Tuesday 09/10 Wednesday 10/10 Thursday 11/10 & Tuesday 15/10 Wednesday 16/10 Thursday 17/10 From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Everything is weighed and viewed on the spot and paid out immediately.

Yo therefore retains the right to refuse something if it does not meet the condition. So quickly search your cupboards and hand it in on one of the days above at Yo Conceptstore, Oudestraat 96 in Kampen.

Until then…….