Yo Conceptstore offers small and big entrepreneurs the opportunity to sell their products in a physical store in the middle of Kampen’s gorgeous and historic city center. As “partner” you can rent a piece of the store.


Yo is always looking for beautiful, unique, biological, natural and hand-made products. For example: jewelry, cards, stationery, skin-care products, essential oils, pillows, rugs, bags, but also local products. For visitors, this means they can browse at their leisure in a store with a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. There is always something to buy for everyone at any price range. Gemstones and minerals are some of our specialties. If you’re looking for a unique gift, then Yo Conceptstore your place to be.



I am offering a “DoneForYouShop” with the option to send your products to us.

I will create your display and will take pictures so you can see exactly how your products are displayed!

Furthermore, we work with a unique checkout system so you follow your sales live at any given moment!
Naturally, I will be very active on Instagram and FaceBook and I will promote your products on these social media platforms.
Yo is opened five days, sometimes six days a week for the entire year.



A bustling city located next to the river IJssel where there is always something happening with a lot of tourism and clientele.

Ever since the thirteenth century Kampen has been a vibrant place. Fishermen, artisans and merchants used to generate activities in the nautical city along the banks of the river IJssel. You can still feel that lively atmosphere in this medieval Hanseatic city.


In the medieval streets of Kampen you will notice the artisan activities:

  • Kampen used to have a hundred cigar factories. One is still active today: De Olifant. Nowadays, there are still 80,000 cigars produced weekly and you can have a cup of coffee in their shop too.
  • Not far from the cigar factory there is a master blacksmith working in the only (and centuries old) smithy in Kampen.