My name is Marieke. I am a creative, caring, busy bee with a passion for design, nature and the welfare of people in particular. Some time ago I was looking for premature clothes for a child that would probably be born prematurely. In this fierce and exciting period for the parents, I wanted to bring a bright spot. That is why I was looking for something that was comfortable, sweet, soft, and hip, made from organic cotton and of good quality. During this search I discovered that I could not really find it in the current range of (web) stores. In consultation with the NICU of various hospitals, I then drew up a list of wishes and with this knowledge and my many years of experience as a hairdresser I started to put together a beautiful and complete range of wonderfully soft biological substances for you. It would be very nice if premature clothes and accessories from Maatje premature, made with great care and love, could offer that little bit of extra comfort and could color the day a little better by being a “Maatje”!

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