How does it work?

At Yo, I offer a stage for interesting brands, designers, artists and businesses with unique products. We offer different spaces to suit your product perfectly.

Your product or brand can be in Yo from a minimal period of three months.

Do want to apply for half a year right away? We will offer one month for free because we believe in you and we want to support you in your adventure!

 Apply your brand or product and perhaps you will have a spot in Yo the following week!

 I will check your application and your brand or product, and we contact you as soon as I can.  You will determine your own prices, but we can also assist you.

 You can bring your products to Yo and have the option to create your own display in the space of your choosing OR send your products to us and we will create the display for you.

 We can look into the best way to display your products together.

 We work with a unique checkout system, so you follow your sales live at any given moment!

 Your profit will be disbursed monthly.

 At the end of the partnership, you will collect your products so we can create a space for a new product or brand.