Yo Conceptstore

Yo Conceptstore offers small and big entrepreneurs the opportunity to sell their products in a physical store in the middle of Kampen’s gorgeous and historic city center. As “partner” you can rent a piece of the store. Yo is always looking for beautiful, unique, biological, natural and hand-made products. For example: jewelry, cards, stationery, skin-care products, essential oils, pillows, rugs, bags, but also local products. For visitors, this means they can browse at their leisure in a store with a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. There is always something to buy for everyone at any price range. Gemstones and minerals are some of our specialties. If you’re looking for a unique gift, then Yo Conceptstore your place to be.


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May I introduce

Ik ben Justin en zit in het laatste jaar van de opleiding Verkoopspecialist detailhandel volgend aan het Deltion College Zwolle.

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Yo Conceptstore is almost celebrating her birthday!

Yo exists on October 20, 2019, 1 year and that must be celebrated! That is why Yo is giving a big party on Saturday 19 October. And not just a party for invitees only, but a party for everyone. For 1 day, Yo turns the store into a Vintage Store Special!

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